Releases in April 2019

Miss Brianne Collins is accustomed to getting everything she wants in life. She grew up on a genuine Southern plantation, but she wants more. Joining New York society seems like the ultimate goal, but even that proves tedious after a while. High on her accomplishments she considers visiting her family in England for a London season, but war breaks out upon her arrival thwarting her plans.

Julian Kendall is the second son of the Duke of Weston. He has no illusions as to what his future holds. He's traveled everywhere--even America, and he isn't impressed with what it has to offer. To alleviate his boredom he takes a commission with the Home Office and starts working as an international spy. It sets him up in the perfect position when war is declared.

Julian and Brianne have a great deal in common. They seem like the perfect match but they hate each other immediately. Something keeps bringing them back together and after a while they start to wonder if perhaps their destiny is by each other's side. Love can be fickle and sometimes it hits when least expected. For Julian and Brianne they have to make a choice; however, they might discover too late what rests inside their hearts.

Releases in February 2019

Bluestockings Defying Rogues 4

Lucas, the Earl of Darcy is jaded, and doesn't believe in love. His father wants him to marry and it's the last thing he desires. He finds himself in a predictament he's unable to extricate himself from, and decides to hide from his problems. 

In his travels he crosses paths with the woman who broke his heart and ruined him for love. Forgiveness seems impossible, but as they spend more time together he wonders if perhaps his fate is unavoidable, because she might just be the answer to his all his troubles.

Releases January 2019

A prequel to book 4: Earl In Trouble

Some beginnings are bittersweet

In 1814 a young man rescues a woman during a snowstorm, and experiences love at first sight. But she's running from an arranged marriage to an evil man. 

Can they overcome the danger or will their fledgling love unravel before it has a chance to take root.

Releases in 2019

Scandal Meets Love 4

Lady Katherine Wilson never expected to inherit a horse farm, but she decided to embrace the gift and continue her grandmother's legacy. She decided to breed the farm's prize mare and only one stud will do. Unfortunately, the stallion belongs to the Marquess of Holton and they've never gotten along well.

Bennett Evans, the Marquess of Holton has had the responsibility of his family for years. He has never had the chance to live an idle life and has very strong beliefs about a female's place in society. He is appalled that a lady of Katherine's caliber is running a horse farm and outright refuses to work with her.

Katherine and Bennett continue to cross paths, and words, with each other. Sparks fly and before long passion starts brewing between them. It could lead them to find love or it may end up being their downfall.

Releases January 2019

Some fairytales are twisted

As the daughter of a duke, Lady Annalise Palmer should be living a charmed life. Appearances can be deceiving though—her father has ensured that her entire life has been filled with nothing but heartache and hardship. Happiness is an elusive emotion, and love nonexistent. She has no reason to believe she’ll find either.

Ryan Simms, the Marquess of Cinderbury has been alone nearly his whole life. After his father died, he was abandoned by his grandfather and left in the care of his wicked stepmother. From a young age he learned not to trust a lady, and especially, never to fall in love.

They are two lost souls in search of salvation. Together they can help each other heal, if they can believe in the possibility of happiness, and escape the torment they’ve both suffered, and along the way discover an eternal love.