Releases in December 3, 2019

You are invited...

Fortuna's Parlor is hosting a Christmas celebration. All of it's members are invited along with their special guests. For one night only men will be allowed inside the gaming hell's hallowed walls. 

Anything is possible when magic is in the air and love is the strongest lure of all. Enter the parlor and discover the miracle of Christmas and perhaps steal a kiss under the mistletoe or holly...

Love and Mistletoe by Dawn Brower

Love and Holly by Amanda Mariel

Releases August 20, 2019

Scandal Meets Love 4

Lady Katherine Wilson never expected to inherit a horse farm, but she embraces the gift and the opportunity to continue her grandmother's legacy. She decides to breed the farm's mares and only one stud will do. Unfortunately, the stallion belongs to the Marquess of Holton and they've never gotten along well. 

Bennett Evans, the Marquess of Holton has had the responsibility of his family for years. He has never had the chance to live an idle life and has very strong beliefs about a female's place in society. He is appalled that a lady of Katherine's caliber is running a horse farm and outright refuses to work with her. 

Katherine and Bennett continue to cross paths, and words, with each other. Sparks fly and before long passion starts brewing between them. It could lead them to find love or it may end up being their downfall.

Releases in 2020

Like most roguish bachelors, Jason Thompson, the Earl of Asthey never plans to marry. He stands by that proclamation until his grandfather’s will is read. If he doesn’t marry in six months he’ll forfeit his entire inheritance. That wouldn’t bother him much, but without funds the estates would fall into ruin. He has a hard decision to make, and one that he has no desire to face.

Lady Samantha Cain is on the edge of becoming a spinster. Her brother has blocked every eligible gentleman from courting her. She’d never admit it, but she was glad he did. Her heart has always belonged to one man. The problem is he has never seen her as a potential wife. When she hears about the issues with his inheritance she decides that its time for a tiny confession or two. She won’t admit she loves him, but he might be receptive to a marriage of convenience.

Asthey wants to turn Samantha down because he hates the idea of that sort of union with her. She’s the one woman that tempted him to dismiss his notion of marriage. Now she’s offering herself to him and he has to discern the best way to handle her delicious offer. 

Releases in November 12, 2019

Scarlett Oliver's life hasn't always been easy. Though many believe it has... The lyrics in her songs come from her soul and the music that accompanies them from the world around her. Both help her to get through some of the toughest times in her life. When she was eighteen, she planned to marry her true love--until he abandoned her at the alter and ran away with her best friend. She threw herself into her music and built a career most would envy. Everything seems all right until the only man she loved returns and his very presence might destroy her carefully crafted facade. 

Jensen "JD" Drake has always loved Scarlett. His one regret was leaving her behind to pursue his own dreams. He allowed her to believe he cheated on her so it would be easier for him to leave, but no woman has ever held his heart the way she has. Now a starting catcher for the Sparkle City Suns, he's come home and he intends to stake a claim on her heart once again. It won't be easy, but nothing worth having ever is. 

Through all the heartache Scarlett never stopped loving JD, but she doubts she can ever trust him again. There is too many years, and uncertainty, between them to go back. Just when she starts to hope, something else threatens to destroy her and she'll need JD more than ever. Healing old wounds might be the salve Scarlett needs to find the strength to survive the upcoming agony awaiting her.

Releases in December 3, 2019

Aletha Dewitt has led a charmed life. At least that is how it appears from the outside looking in. Yes, she has had everything a person could possibly desire—except real respect. Because she was born female her grandfather doesn’t believe she is capable enough to be a part of the family business. What he doesn’t realize is she has more ideas and ambition than her brother will ever have. She sets out to prove to him she’s more than up to the task. Nothing will stand in her way, not even love.

Rafael, Conte Leone is only in America to attend the wedding of one of his closest friends. He never imagined he’d meet the woman of his dreams on a train, but he fully intends to do everything possible to win her heart. Even help her take the mantle of one of the largest candy suppliers in the country. The problem is convincing the lady that they belong together…

With Christmas around the corner miracles are a very real possibility. Both Rafael and Aletha start to believe they could have it all with the magic of love…

Releases in September 2019

Bluestockings Defying Rogues Book 6

Gregory Cain, The Earl of Shelby doesn't believe in love, more specifically he doesn't believe in it for himself. It's perfectly fine for other people. Scandalous behavior and roguish deeds are in his skill set and he doesn't mind flaunting both. He doesn't get involved with innocents or marriage minded ladies. So when Lady Kaitlin Evans asks him for a kiss he has no choice but to refuse her. Not only is she close to his sister, she's his mentor's niece. She's off limits. So why does he suddenly find her fascinating and kissing her is the one thing he desires more than anything...

Lady Kaitlin Evans is an orphan. She lost both of her parents at a young age and went to live with her uncle. She doesn't do well in social gatherings and would much rather become lost in a good book or learn something new. Because of her social awkwardness she's become one of the premier wallflowers...for three straight seasons. She's ready to give up and prepare for spinsterhood. It's less heartbreaking and she can read as much as she wants to without interruption. There is only one thing she wants before she retires from society forever--a kiss from the Earl of Shelby. The scoundrel refuses her though and instead offers to help her find a husband. 

Kaitlin and Gregory make an agreement, but both have ulterior motives. As they go forward it soon becomes obvious that nothing is going to work as they planned and passion is unleashed in ways neither would have imagined.

Releases in January 2020

Scandal Meets Love 6

Lady Lenora St. Martin is shy and a wallflower. She has no idea how to interact in society so when Julian Everleigh, the Duke of Ashley asks her to dance at a ball she falls completely in love with him. After that one dance he doesn't seem to notice her again and Lenora has to discover a way to break out of her shell on her own and vows never to love again. As she flourishes Julian takes notice and decides she's the only lady for him, but he may have already lost his chance of having her love.

Releases in November 26, 2019

William Collins never wanted to leave the comforts of Lilimar, his home. One day the plantation would be his, and he’d poured his heart and soul into making it thrive. War breaks out around the world, and it becomes clear that he has to do his part for his country. If he has any hope of living the life he dreamed of, he first has to find peace to do it. So he enlists as a gentleman spy and throws himself into danger without a second thought.

Victoria Grant is the daughter of a vicar. She has a strong sense of duty and trained as a nurse. When her country is thrown into war, she steps forward to join other nurses in tending to the wounded. She travels from camp to camp and helps where she is needed. On a train to France, she encounters an American gentleman, and an unlikely friendship forms between them.

William is taken with Victoria, but she has no idea he’s a spy, and he has to ensure his secret stays hidden. Along the way, they share letters and secret rendezvous. In a world torn apart by war, they find a love that may never have time to flourish…