Releases in February 2020

Bluestockings Defying Rogues Book 7

The Earl of Asthey and Lady Samantha Cain

Releases in September 2019

Bluestockings Defying Rogues Book 6

The Earl of Shelby and Lady Kaitlin Evans

Releases July 30, 2019

Amethyst Keane lives a lonely existence. Growing up her mother moved them around so many times she gave up on having a normal life, and friends. She threw herself into her school work and started publishing a magazine at the age of seventeen. Almost three years later she's completely independent and as lonesome as ever.

On an assignment for her magazine she visits a small coastal town. While there she meets a boy and for the first time she feels as if she might not have to live a solitary life. As she explores the town's legendary ghost she also uncovers secrets and lies regarding her family, and maybe, she has more in common with the spirit haunting Ghost Peak Island than she would have ever believed.

Releases in December 2019

Scandal Meets Love 6

Lady Lenora St. Martin is shy and a wallflower. She has no idea how to interact in society so when Julian Everleigh, the Duke of Ashley asks her to dance at a ball she falls completely in love with him. After that one dance he doesn't seem to notice her again and Lenora has to discover a way to break out of her shell on her own and vows never to love again. As she flourishes Julian takes notice and decides she's the only lady for him, but he may have already lost his chance of having her love.

Releases August 20, 2019

Scandal Meets Love 4

Lady Katherine Wilson never expected to inherit a horse farm, but she decided to embrace the gift and continue her grandmother's legacy. She decides to breed the farm's prize mare and only one stud will do. Unfortunately, the stallion belongs to the Marquess of Holton and they've never gotten along well.

Bennett Evans, the Marquess of Holton has had the responsibility of his family for years. He has never had the chance to live an idle life and has very strong beliefs about a female's place in society. He is appalled that a lady of Katherine's caliber is running a horse farm and outright refuses to work with her.

Katherine and Bennett continue to cross paths, and words, with each other. Sparks fly and before long passion starts brewing between them. It could lead them to find love or it may end up being their downfall.