Releases December 2018

Miss Angeline Marsden has a defiant nature and makes no apologies for it. Her parents would prefer she didn't participate in the local suffragette group, but she believes all women's voices should be heard. After she finds herself in trouble she can't extricate herself from she has no choice but to turn to the one man she's always loved and treats her like a sister.

Much to Lucian St. John, the Marquess of Severn's dismay he's always been drawn to Angeline. She's his one irresistible temptation; however, she's also his best friends' sister, and off limits. When she finds herself in a mess of her own making he comes to her rescue and offers to marry her. 

Marriage is the last thing either of them expected, yet the one thing they both wanted but were to afraid to ask. Will they find a way to open their hearts to each other and obtain their Christmas wish.

Releases December 2018

Lulia Vasile is a gypsy and proud of it. She’s a master fencer and skilled at fortune telling. She grew up playing roles in a traveling theater and performing at county fairs. Her life changed when she became friends with an earl’s daughter and became involved in an exclusive ladies only gaming den. She’s successful, but misses her family. She travels to their last known location to spend Christmastide with them. While there she must decide what she wants for her future. 

Finley Prescott, the Duke of Clare, doesn’t leave his estate unless it’s necessary. His injuries at Waterloo have left him bitter, and he never expected to inherit the dukedom. That was supposed to be his brother’s duty. Now he has responsibilities and people who depend on him when all he wants is to disappear from the world. For him all hope is gone, and he’s not the hero England believes him to be.

After a chance meeting, and a magical kiss Lulia and Finley discover that sometimes the one thing a person needs is the last thing they expect. 

Releases September 11, 2018

Become immersed in tales that take on a new twist as fairytales become entwined together. Magic, mythology, legends—anything imaginable can, and will happen. These SIX, all new, stories from USA TODAY and bestselling authors will leave you mesmerized, enthralled, and romantically enchanted…

Her Highland Beast by Madeline Martin
Rescued by a Sea Nymph by Rebekah Lewis
Scandalous Liaison by Amanda Mariel
Infinitely My Marquess by Dawn Brower
It Must be Magic by Sandra Sookoo
Luring a Lord’s Love by Tammy Andresen

Releases September 25,2018

One night several years ago Logan Crane and Harper Gallagher shared a night of passion and then walked away from each other. Neither one of them were in a position to offer anything other than heartbreak and disappointment.

Harper is a former intelligence officer in the navy, and now works for the CIA.  She is sent on an undercover mission to retrieve an apparatus that lists all the secret operatives working in the American intelligence community.
Logan had a bad experience working with the FBI that he never truly recovered from. Still he continues to do his duty working to protect the country he loves. He too is sent to apprehend the information that could land a devastating blow to his colleagues.

When they meet each other again they discover that some nights aren't easily forgotten, and maybe if they work together they can do more than protect state secrets, but also accept a love worth risking it all for

Releases October 2018

Lady Catherine Langdon is special, and not because she's the daughter of a duke. She comes from a long line of individuals born with extraordinary gifts, and she is one of the few that has a variation of all three. On the brink of war she makes a decision that will irrevocably alter the course of her life—love or duty.

Asher Rossington, the Marquess of Seabrook, decided at a very early age that he would not live an idle life. His father forbade him from being a spy for the crown, but he chose to ignore it. Ash never regretted his choice, but wished he could have repaired his relationship with his father before he died. Now with the fate of the world in turmoil he has to make another hard decision—remain a spy for king and country, or go home and honor his father's title.

The Great War brings Catherine and Asher into each other's lives. Only time will tell if their destiny is to be together, or if they will ultimately serve a higher purpose..

Releases September 4, 2018

One night of passion leaves Belle Brennan longing for her Mr. Mysterious…

An undercover operative, Cain Dempsey, leaves the woman he loves in order to protect her. A case he's working on takes a turn for the worst leaving him no choice but to return to her for aide. Belle is the one person he can trust, even if she has every right to be angry with him.
Taking an impromptu vacation at her family's lake house Belle is surprised to find Cain at the back door. He's injured, surly, and every bit as gorgeous as she remembers. Lucky for him she's a doctor and doesn't hold a grudge.
Can they survive the threats surrounding them long enough to rekindle their growing passion or will Cain's dangerous life destroy them forever?

Previously publised as Don't Happen Twice 

Releases August 21, 2018

The hunt is only beginning, and magic swirls within it keeping them both on the right path, and leading them astray… 

Malediction has claimed Princess Elodie of Zelnon and her friends. They must fight to escape even when it seems like they are living in an endless curse. Through each battle they take one step closer to their ultimate goal—home. What is lost is their key to returning to Zelnon, and Elodie's rightful place on the throne. There are two different paths, both desired, but one will bring her home—the other could lead to her downfall. 

Some prophecies are self-fulfilling, and Elodie must be careful she doesn’t make her worst fears happen. She has many decisions to make—and once they’re in Zelnon, the true battle will begin. Along with the duties of her kingdom, she must also discern the means to her happiness. Does she believe in love, and if so, who does she give her heart to...

Releases January 2019

Some fairytales are twisted

As the daughter of a duke, Lady Annalise Palmer should be living a charmed life. Appearances can be deceiving though—her father has ensured that her entire life has been filled with nothing but heartache and hardship. Happiness is an elusive emotion, and love nonexistent. She has no reason to believe she’ll find either.

Ryan Simms, the Marquess of Cinderbury has been alone nearly his whole life. After his father died, he was abandoned by his grandfather and left in the care of his wicked stepmother. From a young age he learned not to trust a lady, and especially, never to fall in love.

They are two lost souls in search of salvation. Together they can help each other heal, if they can believe in the possibility of happiness, and escape the torment they’ve both suffered, and along the way discover an eternal love.