Releases April 24, 2018

What if fairy tales are real?

Donovan Turner, Viscount Warwick is a charming reprobate. It’s all an act to cover the tatters of his broken heart. French brandy is his closest ally and he ensures it is always within reach.  

Lady Estella Simms was forced into exile by her wicked stepfather without any means of support. With what little funds she has she takes on a venture no other lady would consider to survive—smuggling.

In a twist of fate, Donovan ends up as a stowaway on board Estella’s ship and too drunk to recall how. Finding Estella is the last thing he expected, but secretly hoped for. Her heartless refusal had send him down a path of destruction. 

Danger is close and they must rely on each other for survival.  Lord Warwick and Lady Estella must learn to trust each other again, and decide if love is powerful enough to conquer the evil thwarting their happy-ever-after.

Releases May 15, 2018

Lady Odessa Lynwood has loved the Earl of Havenwood since she was a young girl. He is her brother's best friend and their nearest peerage neighbor. She is tired of him avoiding her and decides to do something about it. There isn't a doubt in her mind that he loves her too; however, she doesn't understand why he's denying it. She leaves Kingbridge, her family home, on the brink of a snowstorm to confront him.

Gavin Barrington, the Earl of Havenwood hasn't made a move to declare his intention for Odessa for a very good reason. His family is cursed and he refuses to subject her to the disaster his family name would bring her. But when they are trapped in a hunting cabin during an epic snowstorm it changes everything. 

In the midst of the blizzard they must come to terms with their love and figure out if they can overcome Gavin's worst fears and have a life together.

Releases August 2018

Releases June 5, 2018

Some secrets should never be revealed…
As far as Lady Helena Carter is concerned it isn’t bad to be a wallflower and a bluestocking. She wants nothing more than to be independent. Her father hasn’t made her life easy, and all her mother wants is her to find a husband—any man will do. In order to achieve her goal she comes up with a foolproof plan to achieve her greatest wish. There is only one problem, and a man is at the heart of it.

Some secrets can’t be kept…

Lord Oliver Hunt, the Marquess of Dashville has been plagued with rumors and innuendo for five years, and it’s all that dratted Lady X’s fault. He made one wrong move in his wayward youth and he’s been paying for it ever since. Determined to make the Lady of Whispers see him differently he devises a scheme to make amends to the first lady that Dash slighted. He seeks out Lady Helena for that purpose, but she won’t have anything to do with him. 

Unraveling a secret can be sweet…
As they continue to cross paths, desire sparks between them. Their budding romance is tested as secrets are uncovered, and the revelations will either bring them closer together or tear them apart forever.

Releases July 17, 2018

Lady Diana Thomas has never considered herself a great beauty. After he launch in society all of her worst fears are realized. Instead of wallowing at her lack of suitors she becomes a part of Fortuna’s Parlor. More specifically—fencing matches.

Luther Wright, the Earl of Northesk has never fully recovered from his father’s death. He regrets not being around and saying goodbye. He buries his hurt in gambling, brandy, and any debauchery he finds; however, it has all become old and he wants a change.

After a chance encounter at one of Diana’s fencing matches Luther decides to pursue her. He has always been intrigued by her and wanted to protect her. Diana isn’t interested in his form of protection and pushes him away. Only time will tell if they discover love or go their separate ways.

Releases June 26, 2018

Reese Jackson has tried to live up to the expectations that everyone else set for her, but it isn't easy to do. At times she feels as if the world is going to swallow her whole and she can't breathe. All the mistakes she's made come back to trouble her and finding a way out seems impossible.

Detective Dane Hunter has loved Reese since the first moment he met her over a decade ago, but she never really saw him. Her strict upbringing wouldn't allow for her to be rude to him; however, that same social standing dictated he would never be good enough for her either. Still, he longs for her and his heart waits hoping she will one day love him back.

Danger that is a part of both of their pasts comes back to haunt them and Dane is tasked with protecting Reese. Age old wounds fester within them with each passing day. Fighting for survival must be their priority, but its hard to ignore the pull of the heart.