Releases June 20, 2017

Nothing is quite what it seems… 
Lady Elizabeth Kendall grew up on whimsical tales told by her mother. What if they aren’t stories at all? Visions of a handsome pirate in a mirror create questions about everything she believes. The biggest one: Is time travel possible?

A pirate who would be a duke…
Jackerson Morgan Carwyn, the Duke of Whitewood hasn’t led the charmed life some believe, and in fact, grew up in the worst parts of London. Except it was a different time and it’s a secret only he knows. Until he meets Elizabeth… She is far more than she appears to be and has information he believed long buried.

A battle of wits…
Through a chess match they make a bet—the winner claiming all the spoils. As the game comes to an end they are left with a choice. They either decide to be together or destroy any chance they may have at happiness. Will they accept fate’s decision or ignore all the signs that brought them together?

Releases July 11, 2017

6 stories of love and passion by NYT, USA Today, and Bestselling authors

Danelle Harmon

Julie Johnstone

Amanda Mariel

Tammy Andresen

Samantha Holt

Dawn Brower

Releases September 19, 2017

There is no love more worth while than the one you have to fight the hardest to attain... 6 ladies win the heart of their one true--Rogue. (All new material)

Allison Merritt

Sandra Sookoo

Amanda Mariel

Rebecca Lovell

Tammy Andresen

​Dawn Brower

Releases August 15, 2017

The love of Trenton Quinn’s life disappeared suddenly. He tried to move on with his life but couldn’t forget about her. When evidence arises suggesting she fell through a time hole he decides to figure out how to follow her to the past and bring her home.

Genevieve Byrne fell off a cliff landing in Regency England and total chaos ensued. Immediately upon her arrival she was kidnapped and held hostage by French spies. Only a miracle would see her through it and she prayed that somehow the love of her life would rescue her. But he never came and she had to find a way to save herself.

After careful research Trenton finds a way to travel through time, but will he be too late to save the woman he loves?

Releases September 5,2017

Dr. Aubriella Byrne caught a glimpse a man and an overwhelming need to help him overcame her better instincts. Taking a leap of faith she steps through time to find him and ease his suffering. She didn't count on her own feelings or what impact they might have on them both.

Killian Lynwood, Earl of Thornbury finds Aubriella wandering the lands outside his castle. She has an ethereal beauty and frailty that makes him want to protect her. Safeguarding those he loves has been his duty since he was a small boy starting with his mother.

There is danger in going back to the past and Aubriella has many decisions to make. The biggest one: Admit her love or return home with a broken heart.