Releases in 2021

Passion and Lies: Novak Springs (Daring Love 1)

Vivian Miene lost the love of her life, or so she believed... Then one day admist danger she thought she'd escaped, he returns in time to save her, and her twin sister. The shock undos her and, as she picks up the pieces, she has to decide if he deserves a second chance.

Eric Black left because he believed it was the only way to keep Vivian safe. He was wrong. While in hiding, he had someone watching over her, but they were not to contact him unless Vivian needed him. He prayed that she never did. After one call, he drops everything to return to her. He didn't expect to find she wasn't the only one he'd left behind. She was pregnant when he disappeared, and he now has a son.

With Eric back in Vivian's life and no danger to prevent them being together they have to decide what is next for them. They must unravel the secrets and lies before anything can be decided. The passion is still there, along with the love, but trust is fragile. In time they might find what they need to make their relationship whole again; however, it might take everything they have to erase the imprint of betrayal from their hearts.

Releases November 24, 2020

Lady Charlotte Rossington crosses paths with Collin, the Earl of Frossly when she is banished to the country. He’s handsome as sin and the wickedest rogue she’s ever encountered. She is drawn to him--the last thing she wants is to be forced to choose between her dream and love.

Releases in 2021

Desire and Jealousy: Novak Springs (Daring Love 2)

Paxton Kerry has worked hard to overcome his injury, but still might not be able to play in the NFL again. He's a risk and the team may not be willing to gamble on his ability to perform. To take his mind off his problems he decides to take a vacation, and convinces his agent's assistant he needs her to join him.

Alison Duvall would much rather stay in Seattle and work. She's much more than an assistant and on track to becoming one of the company's agents. Her boss assigned her a surly football player as her first client who is determined to make Alison's life miserable. How bad could a tropical vacation be? She's about to find out.

Passion and suspicion are a dangerous combination... Paxton likes Alison far more than he wants to and starts to question he every move. His desire is driving him as insane as his explicit jealousy. As time goes by they have to discover what they truly want and can they trust each other long enough unravel the threads that lead them to love.

Releases in 2020

Christian Kendall, The Marquess of Blackthorn and Lady Scarlett Lynwood

Releases December 1, 2020

Lady Pearyn Treedale has been affianced to Cameron Spencer, the Duke of Partridgdon since she was eight years old. An archaic practice, but a situation she’s come to enjoy. At her formal introduction to society she wasn’t like the other debutantes. While they all searched for husbands, she made friends, had titillating conversations, and did whatever pleased her. Her fiancé had the good grace to be absent most of her life. Then, the duke went on his world tour, and decided never to return to England, allowing Lady Pear a freedom most ladies never experience.

Now at five and twenty, Lady Pear wonders if perhaps she had it all wrong. She has friends, but no love, and no family. With Christmas around the corner, she starts to receive gifts from a secret admirer, and she starts to believe that perhaps she should give this new gentleman her attention, because her duke certainly doesn’t want her.

Releases in 2021

Seduction and Betrayal: Novak Springs (Daring Love 3)

Dr. Ian Ellwood has worked hard to become one of the top heart surgeons in the country. His father would have preferred he went into sports medicine, but Ian had loftier goals. What he did not count on was falling in love with a pediatric nurse who would ultimately break his heart.

Lila Mooney has never gotten over Ian. She believes he betrayed her in the worst way though and refuses to give him another chance. Now that they are once again working in the same hospital he cannot avoid him.

After Ian realizes why Lila left him he is determined to win her love again. Seduction has worked in the past and its not beneath him to use it if he must. Ian is a temptation that Lila has trouble resisting, but her bitterness may be too hard to overcome.