Regina and Bradford

Hyacinth and Rhys

Odessa and Gavin

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Pearyn and Cameron

Amethyst and Cooper

Ophelia and Roman

Billie and Zack

​Rubina and Noah

​Lily and Rand

Lulia and Finley

Aubriella and Killian

Broken Curses

Chris and Sutton

Alexander and Emilia

Alex and Damon

Daniella and Rendall

Amellia and Grant

Ginnifer and Dallas

Claire and Matthew

Holly and Nicholas

Ashlyn and Harrison

Brooke and Drake

Caprecia and Gawin

​Pia and Thor

Vitoria and Wesley

Harper and Logan

Hannah and Graham

Katherine and Bennett

Carly and Wesley

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Helena and Oliver

Scarlett and Christian

Kaitlin and Gregory

​Pearla and Damian

​Pia and Thor

Sam and Temperance

Brianne and Julian

Delilah and Marrok

Belle and Cain

Lenora and Julian

Aletha and Rafael

Alsion and Paxton

Zane and Callista

Carter and Olivia

Ivy and Gabriel

Adeline and Devon

​Gemma and Liam

Andrew and Sofia

Jonas and Marian

Samantha and Jason

Serenity and Brandan

Narissa and Seth

Esmeralda and Dexter

Bluestockings Defying Rogues

Reese and Dane

Sage and Tristan

Jessica and Preston

Vivian and Eric

Genevieve and Trenton

Teddy and Ezra

Leila and Nash

Natalia and Lucas

Marly and Zack

Victoria and William

Estella and Donovan

Lady Be Wicked

Hannah and Garrick

Grayson and Juliette

Rebecca and Joel

Ian and Lila

Scarlett and JD

Annalise and Ryan

Rosanna and Dominic

Alys and James

Lana and Sullivan

Abigail and Charles

Vitoria and Wesley

Carly and Phil

Emmaline and Colt

Angeline and Lucian

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Natalia and Lucas

Collin and Charlotte

Catherine and Asher

Diana and Luther

The Dalais Clan

Amadea and Percival

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Elizabeth and Jack

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