What if fairy tales are real?

Donovan Turner, Viscount Warwick is a charming reprobate. It’s all an act to cover the tatters of his broken heart. French brandy is his closest ally and he ensures it is always within reach. 

Lady Estella Simms was forced into exile by her wicked stepfather without any means of support. With what little funds she has she takes on a venture no other lady would consider to survive—smuggling.

In a twist of fate, Donovan ends up as a stowaway on board Estella’s ship—too drunk to recall how, and shocked to find the one woman he’s always loved and also nearly destroyed him. Danger is close and they must rely on each other for survival. Lord Warwick and Lady Estella must learn to trust each other again, and decide if love is powerful enough to conquer the evil thwarting their happy-ever-after.

Always My Viscount

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