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Bluestockings Defying Rogues Book 6

Gregory Cain, The Earl of Shelby doesn't believe in love, more specifically he doesn't believe in it for himself. It's perfectly fine for other people. Scandalous behavior and roguish deeds are in his skill set and he doesn't mind flaunting both. He doesn't get involved with innocents or marriage minded ladies. So when Lady Kaitlin Evans asks him for a kiss he has no choice but to refuse her. Not only is she close to his sister, she's his mentor's niece. She's off limits. So why does he suddenly find her fascinating and kissing her is the one thing he desires more than anything...

Lady Kaitlin Evans is an orphan. She lost both of her parents at a young age and went to live with her uncle. She doesn't do well in social gatherings and would much rather become lost in a good book or learn something new. Because of her social awkwardness she's become one of the premier wallflowers...for three straight seasons. She's ready to give up and prepare for spinsterhood. It's less heartbreaking and she can read as much as she wants to without interruption. There is only one thing she wants before she retires from society forever--a kiss from the Earl of Shelby. The scoundrel refuses her though and instead offers to help her find a husband. 

Kaitlin and Gregory make an agreement, but both have ulterior motives. As they go forward it soon becomes obvious that nothing is going to work as they planned and passion is unleashed in ways neither would have imagined.

One Less Scandalous Earl

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